Scuba Destination Spotlight #25: Tioman Island, Malaysia


A perfect spot for all sorts of diving, Tioman Island has over 25 diving spots that range from beginner friendly to really challenging.

It’s an ideal spot for diving lessons, and also has excellent night diving locations, and because of its topography and marine life, also a great place for underwater photography.

The abundance of life, and clear waters, allow for some perfectly relaxing dives, and the decent visibility creates opportunities for spotting the unique and wonderful marine life.


Scuba Diving Tioman Island

Scuba Diving Tioman Island

The best months for diving are from March to May, and from September to November, because that’s when the visibility is at its highest, while June to August are not bad months for diving, the visibility can drop significantly.

The waters are almost always warm, sitting around 28°C throughout the entire year, and the currents are mild and gentle. Because of these conditions snorkeling is also a great option.

Tioman Island is about 35 kilometers off the coast of Peninsular Malaysia, and offers plenty of dive spots, suited both for novices and pros.

Those that seek a challenge might want to check out the spots offshore the main island, such as the ones around Soyak Island.

Scuba Diving Tioman Island

One of the most popular sites is Tiger Reef, which is considered a highlight of the area because of its pinnacle and gorgeous topography.

The marine life is extensive, and the waters are teeming with it, and it’s always possible to see a whale shark.

Other type of marine life include sea turtles, barracudas, stingrays, cuttlefish, reef sharks, moray eels, and lion fishes.

Scuba Diving Tioman Island

Some of the most notable and interesting locations are Tulai Island, Fan Canyon, Kador Bay, Malang Rocks, Roger’s reef, Marine Park, and many others guaranteed to provide an amazing time, and are worth more than one visit each.

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