Scuba Destination Spotlight #29: Truk Lagoon, Micronesia

A paradise for wreck divers, this string of islands in the middle of Pacific Ocean allow for some amazing diving opportunities.

Spread out over a distance of 3,000 kilometers, the islands of Micronesia are surrounded by coral reefs, and Truk Lagoon itself sports many wrecks that have sunk throughout the years.

The warm climate and tropical weather make it possible to explore these wrecks without a hitch, it’s the diversity in sunken vessels that’s the star of the show.

Over 60 ships and 250 aircraft are found on the bottom of the ocean, and most of them are Japanese vessels.


Scuba Diving Truk Lagoon

A year round destination, Truk Lagoon is an excellent choice for those that prefer variety if wreck dives. Truk Lagoon, aka Chuuk, is roughly 40 meters in diameter and encircles 14 major, populated islands.

The Lagoon consists of 11 mangrove fringed islands, and is part of Chuuk state. It’s one of the world’s largest enclosed lagoons, and is the home to an entire Japanese fleet that sunk in 1944.

The sunken wrecks feel as if they’ve been encapsulated in time – while diving you can see even the sake cups. The hangars of these wrecks are still filled with sunken airplanes, tied tanks, jeeps, and even the skeletons of the respective crews of the ships.

Around the wrecks incredible corals of different shapes, sizes, and colors populate the area, around which many schools of tropical swim.

That part of the bottom of the ocean is truly a sight to behold, because nowhere else in the world are the wrecks in such proximity to each other, and in shallower waters, too.

The wrecks can also be seen while snorkeling, and there are many boat rides that can organize such tours.

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