Scuba Destination Spotlight #6: Tofo, Mozambique


Unless you are from South Africa, you are going to have quite the journey getting to Tofo, Mozambique, but it will be worth it. When I was diving in Tofo, it was actually a popular holiday destination for South Africans, as the waters here are much warmer than in their country, as well as being a much cheaper location, but for the rest of the world, Tofo is not even on the radar.

Scuba Diving Tofo, Mozambique

scuba diving Tofo

Mozambique, in Southern Africa, and neighbored by South Africa, Zimbabwe and Malawi with the Indian ocean to it’s east, is a portuguese speaking country, that most people aren’t aware has some awesome diving on it’s shores. The waters are warmer than the colder waters just to the south around the Cape, which offers some pretty good dive sites and sightings.

Tofo, in particular is well known for having a good amount of big animals, such as giant manta rays, humpback whales and whale sharks, due to the high concentration of plankton in the bay. When I was there, there were quite a few marine biologists stationed in Tofo to study one or all of these animals, as it was one of the best place on earth to see them regularly.

scuba diving Tofo

They even offered weekly seminars about different topics that they had learned about each species, which was pretty fun to attend. Being educated about whale sharks right before diving with them was a great experience, and they even took some people out to tag them and dolphins on one of my days there.

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To get to Tofo, you are in for some travel. The easiest way is to fly into the capital of Maputo, and then take a rental car a few hours north. If you are more intrepid or on a budget, you can also take local minibuses to Tofo from Maputo, or from the north from Malawi, or even crossing from South Africa.

scuba diving Tofo

You will know you have arrived in Tofo when you are greeted with a huge , dark sands beach lined with a small village. The village itself is a small fishing village, and in the mornings you can head to the beach and buy lobster or shrimp directly from the fishermen for very cheap.

There are a few good dive shops in Tofo, all with pools for getting your Open Water certification, and this is where i first got certified myself. Even if you don’t run into one of the big guys in the ocean, there are plenty of good dive sites with reefs and critters to dive with. For the far-reaching scuba travelers, you might want to put Tofo on your list of places to dive, for a remote and unique scuba experience!

scuba diving Tofo


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