Scuba Destination Spotlight #9: Chinhoyi Caves, Zimbabwe

Truly a place filled with natural wonder, the Chinhoyi Caves is a series of diving caverns near its namesake town, Chinhoyi Town. It’s a strange location, because it is not out in the ocean or the sea, but rather completely inland and not so near open waters – but it’s a location that definitely does not disappoint.

A site of historical importance, these caverns’ traditional name is Chirorodziva, which in translation means Pool of the Fallen, because they claimed many people in the past. Now, the dangerous parts are sealed off, and the rest is declared a recreational park, and it’s slowly becoming a very popular one.

Cave Diving in Chinhoyi

Zimbabwe cave diving

The main attraction of these caves in Zimbabwe is the Sleeping Pool. It’s 46 meters below ground and is open to sunlight, this is spot suitable for both divers and non-divers alike. It’s surrounded by the vertical rock walls of The Wonder Hole, adding to the charm and the atmosphere.

The pool itself is between 80 and 91 meters deep – it fluctuates because of the seasonal rainfall. What’s unique about the Sleeping Pool is that it’s connected to a series of underground tunnels, some deeper than 130 meters, and the waters are constantly warm and non-flowing.

There are stalactite and stalagmite formations that offer a very unique, almost otherworldly diving experience. The tunnels themselves are believed to be connected with a larger body of water, but they still haven’t been fully explored, and that’s part of the mystery and the charm of the spot.

A few other dive spots like The Dark Cave, The Blind Cave, and a smaller annex to main pool The Cave of Bats, are other dive spots in the Caverns. All of them are connected with each other, and because of the location, and some artificial light, this places also offers some fantastic photographical

Zimbabwe cave diving

Zimbabwe cave diving

Zimbabwe cave diving

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