Scuba Destination Spotlight #30: Komodo, Indonesia

Rarely does a dive spot feel like a dream come true. With a huge variety of marine and coral life, superb and untouched reefs, excellent hunting actions, the Komodo Islands offer it all.

The dives are generally more suite to experienced divers, because the currents can get very strong, but there are a few spots that can be suited to beginners as well.

Because of those currents, the Komodo islands are brim with fishes, and why there is big commotion in the marine life.

Scuba Diving Komodo

scuba diving komodo

One of the greatest things about diving in the waters around Komodo islands is that it almost always feels like your group is the only one in the waters.

Often times the diving centers agree not to intrude on one another when they have dive groups diving in one of its many dive spots.

The islands are teeming with marine life. All sorts of pelagic fish are present, like Dogtooth Tuna, Giant trevally, barracuda, and manta rays, but you also often find sharks of different variety, such as Blacktip, Whitetip, Grey, and hammerhead sharks.

Just south of the marine reserve is a spot called Cannibal Rock which is considered the best place to dive if you want to witness marine diversity in these waters.

scuba diving komodo
scuba diving komodo

The best diving conditions are from March through October, but the best season to see a lot of manta rays is from December through February.

However, if you want to dive in the winter months, make sure you contact a dive club that does so, because not all dive clubs dive in the winter.

The visibility is also the greatest during the winter summers, like from November through January, and even though it drops from then until through March, it’s not that bad, and diving is still possible. 

Be sure to check out our guide to scuba diving Komodo, as well as our Indonesia Guide.

scuba diving komodo

To get to Komodo, you will need to fly into Lubuan Bajo, from either Jakarta or Bali. Most common flights are from Bali Depensar, and are only about an hour. If you are starting from Bali, be sure to check out our list of 101 Awesome Things to do in Bali HERE!

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