Why I Love Diving the Sunshine State


From the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. From the springs, caves and caverns to the rivers and lakes.  With a tropical climate and over 2100 km of a coastline,  these are just a few of the many reasons Florida is one of the most popular destinations for divers from around the world.

From snorkeling and intermediate diving to advanced and technical diving, Florida has it all.

turtle in florida

In the middle of Florida lies the Everglades, which provides nursery for many species of sharks and other marine life. The Everglades are also a  home for the: Florida alligators panthers, flamingos and many species of birds.

Biodeversiti of flora, fauna and reefs with abondoned marine life and great visibility makes Florida’s east coast great for scuba diving and underwater photography.

diving in florida

In southeast Florida also known as the Florida’s Gold Coast, are many scuba outlets that specialize in shark diving. Many species of sharks can be seen during most of the dives.

florida shark diving

South of Miami near the edge of the Florida Plateau lays large chain of islands, The Florida Keys. There are  over 1700 islands in the archipelago, between the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. Gulf Stream passes between the islands, bathing its reefs in spectacularly clear waters. With a many shipwrecks and great dive sites.

Florida Manatees can be seen all around Florida but the most popular place do dive with the Manatees is around the Crystal River.

On the West coast of Florida. From the late Autumn to the early Spring, large group of Manatees likes to hang around the crystal clear springs.

florida manatees

Florida  is a haven for technical diving too. With a hundreds of underwater caves caverns and sinkholes. Mostly in North and central Florida.

I travel to Florida few times a year as Ambassador and Testimonial for OrcaTorch dive lights and I can never get enough of Florida. I highly recommend Florida for diving to all my friends.

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moray eel in florida

florida cave diving

blue grotto

Troy Iloski

Underwater Photographer, Scuba instructor, Shark Conservationist and Shark Expert.


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