A Scuba Diver’s Critter Bucket List

When I started traveling for diving, at first it was all about exploring and finding new cool places most people havnt seen, in fact I made myself the top 100 locations mission.

But later I realized that I, as I’m sure all scuba fanatics do, started making a mental check list of things I had seen on tv or heard about, that I hoped to see one day under the waves.

So I started writing down everything I wanted to see the most in the world, and the list was long!

I then decided to just publish it here, and make it my life long goal, of species I want to see before I kick the bucket. If and when I ever finish this list, and the top locations mission, I will definitely be able to die a happy man.

A Scuba Diver’s Critter Bucket List

A whale shark. The biggest and most eyebrow fish in the seas? Yes please. (FOUND IT!)

A Narwhal. Lots of locals get to see these in the Arctic regions, but I’m very intrigued by the unicorn of the sea.

A basking shark. The second biggest fish and another weirdo.

A blue dragon nudibranch. The god of all nudis? In a fish tank don’t count either.

A wolfeel. This isn’t that rare in England, but such a wierd looking freak.

A mola mola. The words biggest and weirdest sunfish. Always been intrigued by then.

A woblegong shark. Lots of sharks on this list, but these rare ones are incredible.

A walking shark. Technically an epaulette, but who calls it that?? (FOUND IT!)

A leafy sea dragon. The coolest seahorse? Is it only in Australia?

A Pygmy seahorse. Worlds smallest seahorse, and king of camo. Got to find one. (FOUND IT!)

A nautilus. Is it a sea shell? Is is a cuttlefish fish? A octupus?? What?!

A blue ring octopus. Worlds smallest and only poisonous octopus. (FOUND IT!)

A wonderpus. Because of that name. Ok, and it’s rare to find.

A flamboyant cuttlefish. The smallest cuttlefish, and only poisonous one. Got to see. (FOUND IT!)

An ornate ghost pipefish. These look insane on tv.

A hairy frogfish. I love frogfish, but the hairy is a more rare species. Got to see. (FOUND IT!)

A psychedelic frogfish. The Holy Grail of frogfish, and its only located in one small area in the world-Ambon, Indonesia. Have to see before it’s gone.

Giant manta rays. The biggest of all rays, and the same allure for me as whale sharks. (Can they be together?) (FOUND IT!)

A redlipped batfish. Yes that’s the name. Google some images. You’ll laugh.

A dumbo octopus. Unless I get a submarine to go deep, I probably won’t see one of these. But, keeping the goals high. I mean low.

A Frill shark. Another crazy, recently discovered critter of the deep.

An Anglerfish. Ya, we’ve all see finding Nemo. Who knows, maybe I’ll find one.

A northern stargazer. These dudes look so hilarious, I need to find one.

A Kiwa crab. This furry dude was just discovered in Easter Island, and I want to see it too.

Ladybug Amphipods. Because I love macro critters, and this is one of the cutest.

A hammerhead. I know, another shark, but they are incredible.

Rhinopia Scorpion fish. Kinda reminds me of a frogfish, but even more decorative

Thats it for now, but I am realizing that as I cross one off the list, two more are added to the bottom. Is this the never ending impossible list? I hope so.

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Justin Carmack
Justin is a dive master and world traveler on a mission to dive and document the top 100 dive sites in the world. In doing this he hopes to bring love for the marine environment to the world!

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