There are a number of unique opportunities while scuba diving Malapascua, and this guide  is all the information you will need to plan the perfect dive trip, and experience it for yourself.


The diving is amazing, from Gato Island, thresher sharks, mandarine spawning and much more, to beautiful beaches, sunsets and sunrises, Malapascua should be on every diver’s bucket list.

In the northernmost tip of Cebu, one of the largest provinces in the Philippines is a small island revered for its amazing diving spot.

Malapascua, situated in Logon village, started gaining popularity in the 1990s due its beautiful coral gardens, coral walls and reefs, wrecks, and diverse marine life.

But the thing that makes this island unique and world famous can be found in one of its number one dive spot, Monad Shoal. Malapascua is the only place in the world where divers can regularly see, thresher sharks.

For this alone, Malapascua diving is one of the best experiences a diver could ever have.


Diving in Malapascua is anything but a bore. With over 20 excellent dive sites to visit, the island has something to offer to amateur and professional divers alike.

•  Monad Shoal – a.k.a. Shark Point is an underwater plateau is where you should go if you want to go diving with thresher sharks sighting. In 2015 alone, there’s been a thresher shark sighting record of 80-90%. Thresher sharks are known for their long upper caudal fins, and their faces keep a hilarious look at all times!

•  Gato Island – Another famous diving spot, Gato Island, can be reached by boat in 45 minutes, about 15 kilometers from Malapascua. This island is where you can find sea snakes and whitetip reef sharks, usually hiding in the crevices of some rocks and small caves. Underneath the island is a dive tunnel, which divers rave about for its magnificent underwater view, often likened to a glass-stained window.

•  Kemod Shoal – For the high chance of seeing hammerhead sharks, visit Kemod Shoal, located east of Malapascua, close to the island of Leyte. Just like Monad Shoal, Kemod is a favorite playground of thresher sharks and manta rays, as well as devilfish.

•  Lapus Lapus – This island has a depth of 18 meters (60ft) and is known for having the most spectacular soft and hard corals. Marine life to be found on this island includes giant frogfish, painted frogfish, smashing mantis shrimp, sweetlips, lionfish, etc.

 Lighthouse – This is another unique dive that you have to try out while in Malapascua, where you can see lots of the rare mandarine fish, and if you are lucky, see them spawning. It takes place at sunset, making it a beautiful boat ride as well.

•  Doña Marilyn – There is a shipwreck site in Malapascua where the sunken ferry named MV Doña Marilyn can be found. In October 1988, over 389 people dead in the tragedy when it got caught with typhoon “Ruby” or Unsang as it is named locally. The ship now lies on the bottom of the sea, at a depth of 32 meters.

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The high season in Malapascua is between February to May. This is when the island is most busy with the throng of tourists coming to visit the island.

This is also the summer season in the Philippines and therefore, an ideal time to go scuba diving. If you do not want to deal with a crowd, then June to September is your best bet.

Do take note though that the rainy season in the Philippines begins in mid-July and lasts up until September.


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To get to Malapascua, you will first have to get to Cebu City, probably via Mactan airport. From the city you can either catch a bus at the northern bus station, or just rent a taxi to take you the whole way. The journey should take around 3-4 hours. 

Taxis and buses will drop you off at the port, where you can then take a but to the island. It is better if you leave early, because the regular boats stop running around 4pm, and then there is only smaller boats, that will only take passengers if there are enough people. 


The beauty of Malapascua doesn’t end with what you can see underwater. There are other activities that you can do and enjoy on this island, one of which is the next best thing after diving, island hopping.

Among the places that you can see on this tour are the picturesque Kalanggaman island, Logon beach, Bounty beach, Lighthouse beach, Guimbitayan beach, and Lapus Lapus beach.

At night, you can go to a bar and chill with newfound friends. Head out to the most popular bar in Malapascua, Kocoy’s where you can drink, play games like table football, as well as enjoy delectable dishes.

Sunset watching is also one of the simple albeit best things you can do on this island. An ideal spot is on the seashore, outside the Tepanee resort.

You may also arrange a land tour with your resort or rent a motorbike to see nearby villages.



scuba diving malapascua

Scuba diving Philippines offers so many different types of dives, from muck, reef, drift, wrecks, walls, sharks and much more. In Malapascua, you will find a few of these in one.

Gato island and some of the other great dive sites around Malapascua, are great examples of what a healthy reef should look like, and as a diver, you will want to experience them!

 A few critters you’ll see while scuba diving Malapascua:

– Thresher sharks. 

– Madarin Fish

– Plenty of nudibranch species. 

– Plenty of octopus. They are most see during cephalopod season, and are shy, but they have been seen.

– Blue ring octopus

– Cuttle fish.

Ornate ghost pipefish, as well as robust ghost pipes.

– A variety of frogfish species. Cutest critters, or ugliest?

– Ribbon and moray eels. 

– Giant batfish

– Turtles. More than can be counted on some dives

There are many many more incredible species you will run into, as well as huge numbers of common species and schools, and lets not forget the countless species of healthy corals.


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