Mozambique is a popular getaway for South African divers and surfers, but other than them, most of the world is unaware that the country offers quite a few pristine dive sites, as well as tropical islands that lay in the migration paths of  large pelagic. 


Mozambique, located in Western Africa, is a little known scuba diving haven. Clear waters, stunning reefs, and a vast amount of sea life make it a popular holiday destination for scuba divers of all levels.

The main draws here are the manta rays and whale sharks that can be seen year round.

There are also several other shark species that can be found along with humpback whales during certain months. Without a doubt, Mozambique is a must-dive destination for any scuba addict.

NOTE: The locations on this list are indeed the best in the country, but are not ranked from 1-7. The list is random. Number 7 might be just as good as number 1. You decide.


mozamique diving


Tofo is located in the Inhambane Province of Mozambique. Its a small beach town with sand roads, gorgeous beaches, a laid back vibe during the day and party atmosphere at night.

It’s been described as some as the next Goa, and is definitely a popular spot for anyone visiting Africa’s east coast.

While the beaches here are stunning, those looking to scuba dive in Mozambique will be thrilled to know that the underwater world is even more spectacular.



Off the coast of Vilanculous is the Bazaruto Archipelago, a protected area with crystal clear waters, fantastic visibility, and an incredible array of marine life.

It’s been nicknamed as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ and is a a great area to explore for those interesting in scuba diving in Mozambique.



Located in northern Mozambique, Nacala Bay is known as having the deepest natural port in Africa. It’s also a great dive area with dive sites appropriate for divers of all levels.

Plenty of coral, fish, and warm waters year round make it a popular destination for those interested in scuba diving Mozambique.



Shallow reefs, a variety of marine life, and dive sites for divers of all levels make Pemba a popular spot for scuba diving in Mozambique. It’s also the gateway to another incredible dive area, Quirimbas National Park.

Most of the dive sites here are best suited for advanced divers, especially those with deep diving experience. Pemba Island is also share and accessed by southern Tanzania.



Quitimbas National Park is paradise for beach lovers. Warm sun, white sand beaches, and clear waters famous for gorgeous coral gardens and a variety of marine life.

It’s a great place to see humpback whales (usually June to December) or just enjoy the natural beauty of some of the country’s best dive sites.

A definite must for those coming to experience scuba diving in Mozambique.



A quiet area in Mozambique with beautiful beaches and some great dive sites. It’s a popular area among travelers coming to scuba dive in Mozambique because mantas can be found on every dive site .

It should be noted that these two areas are about 40km apart, however they share the same dive sites.



Located in the far south of Mozambique, Ponta do Ouro is just north of the South African border.

Beaches, lots of dolphins, and fantastic dive sites make it a hit for travelers scuba diving Mozambique.

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Scuba diving Mozambique

Scuba diving Mozambique is possible year round, however there are a few things to consider. While mantas and whale sharks can be seen year round, humpback whales only occur during the months of June to December, with the best chances being July and August.

Divers will also want to note that January to March is hurricane season, so if possible it is recommended to travel outside of these times.

Water temperatures are typically warm and rarely drop beneath 23 degrees Celsius.


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Mozambique is a country located in Southern Africa where the coasts are lined with famous beaches and some off-shore marine parks. The total area is 801,590 km² and the population is approximately 28,829,476.

Its eastern coastline is a fantastic place for scuba divers, fishermen, and beach lovers. There are not only beaches but explore Monte Binga peak.

Capital city of Mozambique: Maputo

Closest neighbors to Mozambique: Mozambique’s closest neighbors are South Africa on the south, Tanzania on the north, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Swaziland.

How to get to Mozambique: There are no direct flights from the UK and North America to Mozambique. You have to connect flights to South Africa then Mozambique.

Visa requirements for Mozambique: Visa is required to enter Mozambique and a passport valid for at least 6 months upon arrival.

Currency of Mozambique: Mozambican metical (MZN) is the currency of Mozambique.

Official Language of Mozambique: Portuguese is the official language of Mozambique.

UNESCO World Heritage sites in Mozambique

There is 1 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Mozambique and 4 on their tentative list.