Scuba Diving Pemuteran

Pemuteran is a laid back village in Northern Bali. While it is still considered to be quiet and low key compared to more popular Bali cities and villages such as Seminyak, Ubud, and Kuta, it is picking up in popularity.

Especially for travellers who are looking to get more off the beaten path and explore north-western Bali. The main draw here is West Bali National Park which can be explore both on land and by water, making it a great pick for scuba diving in Bali.


Dive Sites Around Pemuteran

Scuba Diving Pemuteran

The dive sites around Pemuteran are known for their reefs. The area has a coral restoration program in place and they are making a strong effort towards marine conservation which adds to the area’s allure for divers.

While the reefs here aren’t considered to be spectacular, they are pretty with lots of fish to see. Plus, Pemuteran offers the easiest access to Menjagan Island; a must for scuba divers in west Bali.

These are Pemuteran’s dive sites:

  • Pura Tembok/ Close Encounter/ Napolean Reef: Three reefs all within about 15 minutes from the dive resorts in Pemuteran. Soft corals, sponges, and tons of fish make these small reefs relaxing and picturesque dive areas. If you are lucky, you may also spot manta rays.
  • Pemuteran House Reef: The best time to dive here is the late afternoon when the mandarin dragonets come out. If you are lucky, you may also catch them doing their mating dance. Also a good spot for night dives.
  • Menjangan Island: Menjangan is part of the West Bali National Park and a well-known scuba diving destination. It’s mainly wall dives with depths up to about 30m. Great visibility, plenty of marine life, and the fact that it is suitable for divers of all levels make it a favourite. it’s also close to Gilimanuk.


Getting to Pemuteran

Getting to Pemuteran can be pretty slow, especially if you are coming from southeast Bali. The roads are rough and the transportation options are limited. Your best bet is to consider renting a driver to take you, though know that it can be quite expensive.

If you are coming from nearby Lovina you can hire a private driver or hop on one of the local bemos- the local open air mini busses that locals use. They are often very slow and incredibly crowded, but offer a cheaper option than hiring a driver. Make sure to haggle but know that you will pay significantly more than the locals.


Things to do in Pemuteran

Scuba Diving Pemuteran

Most people come to Pemuteran for the diving, but there are quite a few interesting things to see and do here making it worth your while to spend a couple days in the area. Here is what we suggest:

  • Pura Pulaki: A couple kilometers from Pemuteran is a Pura Pulaki, also referred to as the Monkey Temple. It’s located right beside the road and, thanks to the beachy background, is a great photo opportunity. These monkeys are much better behaved than those in Ubud, but keep an eye on your belongings.
  • Biorock and Coral Reef: Pemuteran is known for its efforts in marine conservation and that can be seen at the biorock and coral reef right on the main beach. It’s free, so grab your snorkel and mask and enter along the marked locations along the beach.
  • West Bali National Park: West Bali National Park can be explored by both land and water (Menjangan Island). If you like hiking, consider exploring some of the trails of the park. Please note that permits and guides are required as only a portion of this national park is open to visitors.
  • Beaches: Pemuteran has some gorgeous black sand beaches that are perfect for a lazy day by the ocean. Also see our guide to Bali’s best beaches.
  • Proyek Penyu: A turtle breeding and release project. It’s run by a local dive operator and the local villagers, definitely worth a visit and your support.
  • Dolphin Watching: Dolphins, though not guaranteed, can frequently be seen in the area and there are a few dolphin tours that will take you out to spot them. However, there have been some reports that the boats chase the dolphins which is poor tourism practice, so we recommend doing some research and asking around before you go.


Where to Stay in Pemuteran

As Pemuteran gets more popular, more and more resorts are popping up in the area. If you plan on scuba diving we recommend staying at one of the dive resorts, many of which are located on the beachfront.

Pemuteran also has a good selection of accommodation choices ranging from beautiful villas to simple homestays. Prices here are very reasonable as well. If you want to check out some great family hotels or resorts around Bali, CLICK HERE.

Pemuteran may be tricky to get to, but this northern city has a lot to offer in terms of site seeing and scuba diving. It’s the perfect escape for travellers looking to get away from the main areas and the crowds of Bali’s more popular areas.

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