The Ultimate Scuba Gear Giveaway!

Whats going on guys! Since you are here it is probably safe to assume that you are a scuba fanatic, and would love a free dive computer from Deep Blu! Luckily for you, we have jus the thing you want, but I also want to bring your attention to the awesome new social media network just for divers, that comes with it. 

Deep Blu has created the first and only social media platform for scuba divers, and this week I gave it a go, just to test it out. Even though I was at first skeptical, I actually really like the platform, and decided to join, and make my own group to create my own community. I figured that on a awesome, new social media platform, that is focused ONLY on the things I love in the niche I live for, I could build around me an awesome community of like minded scuba junkies and marine biologists and underwater photographers, and make it much more personal.

I know I know, I already have great groups on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, but on those giants, you never know who any one is. It feels less personal when you have 250k members, followers, fans and so on, and you don’t know anything about them. On this platform, I know automatically that if you join my group, we are like-minded people, with lots to talk about, and I won’t be the only one posting thing: Everyone will! This is the sort of community I want to build, and the kind of people I want to surround myself with, and I found that DeepBlu was the best option.

So like I said, this smaller community, my new group, and the interaction that comes with it, is the real prize here, but to sweeten the pot, DeepBlu is allowing me to give one of my new group members. The computer is the new COSMIQ+ dive computer, thats not just a sweet computer to have, but it also does something I haven’t seen before. DeepBlu is a social network for divers, so naturally their computer logs your dives, then you can synch it to the DeepBlu app to upload your dive log and share it wit everyone. I just did that for the first time and its pretty cool. If you don’t have the computer, you can easily just fill in your logs yourself, and share with your buddies. Its cool to see on the map all the places you dive.

Want to join my group and become part of my community? If you do, One new member wins this sweet new dive computer as a welcome! (and icing on the cake). To win the computer, all you have to do is sign up for the DeepBlu social network, and join the Art of Scuba Diving group. We are doing the giveaway all week, so anyone who joins as of now is in to win! Here is how to join (takes 2 minutes):

1: Head over to the DeepBlu site, and click signup on the top right. Make an account with your email or Facebook, which only takes a minute.

2. Hit that “groups” button, and once there, type in the search box for “Art of scuba diving”. Or if you’re lazy like me, just click the group link here. 


3. Once you find our sweet little community, hit that join button down on the right, and welcome! Feel free to post your favorite photo in the group, or even just a hello! This is what I created it for, and and I want to chat, so come say hi.

From today until the end of the giveaway, every person that joins my group is automatically entered to win the computer. We will draw at random, and announce the winner there! Even if you do not win, do not fret. The computer is cool, but the real gem here is building a tight nit community of ocean lovers and scuba junkies. You can’t lose.

See you guys there! —-> The Art of Scuba Diving Group


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