Suunto D4i Review


The first piece of dive gear any diver should own, is a great dive computer that they are comfortable with, and that they will want to keep for a long time. Something both reliable under pressure (see what we did there?), and easy to use for constant diving. 

With that in mind, today we are reviewing one of our favorite dive computers out there, from one of the best brands in the industry. We have nearly one thousand dives on this computer, and it’s still going strong! 

Suunto D4i Dive Computer Review

suunto d4i review

The Suunto D4i is one of the best dive computers out there, both for beginner divers, as well as advanced. It is rugged and reliable enough for instructors to use on a daily basis, yet the usability is simple enough for a brand new diver.

In fact, this was my first dive computer, gifted to myself when I passed my Open Water course, and I have stuck with it as my main computer for the last 1000+ dives and through my divemaster course. 

I have tried many other computers, but the D4i was always my favorite, and I can personally guarantee you will not be disappointed. We listed it in our guide for the best dive computers of 2019, and for good reasons. 

Here are some of the stats and features. If you just want to trust us and skip all these boring facts, you can go check prices for yourself HERE.

Suunto D4i Dive Computer features:

  • Freedive Mode
  • Suunto DM4 software integration
  • Social sharing on
  • Nitrox Capability (21-50% O2)
  • User replaceable lithium battery
  • Backlit display
  • Wireless data transfer
  • Optional Wireless Air Integration
  • Built-in dive planner
  • Time, date, and temperature
  • Adjustable for altitudes
  • 2 year limited warranty

The Suunto D4i is part of their D line series, which was first introduced in 2005 with the release of the D9. The D9 was Suunto’s first watch-style dive computer, and includes things like wireless air integration, nitrox capability, and three gas mixes.

While the D9 is super stylish and cool, it’s a bit too pricey for most recreational divers. The same goes for the D6i, which is a couple steps up from the D4. It is quite a bit more expensive, but not a whole lot of an improvement.

If you are a daily diving instructor or divemaster, you might like the more expensive D6i, but for most divers, the D4i has the perfect price ratio for such a good computer.

What do we like so much about the D4i?

There are a lot of thing that we really like about the D4i, as appose to the other top computers, so let us tell you about a few. 

1. The price to quality ratio

The price of a D4i on Amazon is about $500, and it is probably a little more in local shops and dealers. That might sound like a lot, but in the dive computer world it really isn’t. 

We think it is a really fair price since Suunto is a top notch brand who specializes in computers, and are the best in the market. In comparison the D6i on Amazon is $800-$1000, and isn’t that much cooler. 

2. Simplicity

I am not very techy, so I like to be able to unbox something, and just start using it with little to no set-up or learning. I don’t want to have to get out a manual or watch a tutorial every time I need to change the time, I just want to go diving! 

So that is exactly what is so cool about the D4i. The factory settings are conservative and I don’t need to mess with anything, I can just go. It is easy to look back at my long dive log, or just to see how the last dive went. 

3. Looks good in or out of the water

suunto-d4i-whiteOne of Suunto’s coolest aspects, is all their color and style options. I personally own a bright green one, as well as a black one with a blue strap, and both are great. But they are also great because they look and function as a regular watch, so that I really don’t need to take it off between dives. 

And there is no need to switch modes when about  to dive, it will start recording depth as soon as you get in. It looks good, is comfortable, isn’t too big, and still has a lot of useful functions. 

4. Tough and reliable

I am happy and surprised to report that my battery has lasted over 2 years, with over 1000 dives logged on it. This is amazing. I just now finally got the battery low warning this week, which is crazy after 1000 dives, especially because it is always in watch/time mode when not on a dive, unlike Suunto’s entry level computer the Zoop, which only turns on when wet. 

In a nut shell, my computer has been banged around and abused all over the world, and on 1000 dives and dive boats and flights etc, and still works perfect. What else can you ask for?

Wireless air transmitter

In case you didn’t know, the i in the D6i and D4i signifies that they have wireless air integration. Suunto sells a transmitter that hooks onto your regulator, instead of a pressure gauge, that sends your tank readings to your computer. 

So instead of having a pressure gauge that you have to keep checking, you can just check your computer. It also can be set with alarms, for when the tank gets low. It’s just a cool little feature to have, and makes you look awesome! 

TIP: If you get the transmitter for your regulator, we recommend still using a couple feet of pressure hose in between it and your first stage, and then strapping it over your shoulder. 

You can screw it directly into your first stage, but it just seems like it would break easier there, like when a divemaster uses it as a handle or something. Just seems safer that way. 

| View the D4i with wireless air transmitter |

Final thoughts

Let’s face it, if you are like me you really don’t need t ok now all the stats and features and numbers. You just want someone reliable to tell you if it’s a good computer for you, and worth the money.Well the answer is yes. 

I can not say that in good conscious about every computer on our Computer Guide, but Suunto is my favorite dive computer brand, and their D4i is perfect for just about everyone. You really can’t go wrong. 

So if you want to invest in just one piece of gear, get yourself a dive computer that will last you a very long time, through all your dive adventures! 

For more details or purchasing options check Amazon

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