The 10 Best Beaches in India

Perfect climate, warm weather, and amazing waters – India has it all. Whenever India’s beaches are mentioned the first thing that pops into most people’s minds is Goa, but there are plenty of other excellent spots along the lengthy coastline of India.

Whether you’re looking for solitude or something more action packed, you can easily find them there, including parties that you’re guaranteed to remember. In such a large land there are over 200 beaches that you can visit, and while many of them are downright perfect, not all in ship-shape form.

In recent years India has seen much more tourists and the beaches are a great example why. Goa is seeing more and more visitors every year, but other parts like Havelock and Andaman Islands are getting more well-deserved love as the years go by. Sadly, some beaches have fallen in disrepair, but the positive side is there is a big number of beaches in India that fully deserve your attention.

1. Agonda Beach

Agonda beach
Flickr Credit: Anisha Goel

Goa as a whole is one of those splendid places that deserves a mention every single time. There are more than a handful beaches there, and Agonda Beach is one of the most unique ones. Instead of a typical beach, or a place that’s chock full with parties, Agonda Beach has a subtle desolate feel while also being quite picturesque and charming.

It’s a calm beach meant to take a relaxing stroll at, or to just sit down and quietly enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds this place. There aren’t many restaurants and hotels in the vicinity, but some are picking up on the popularity of Agonda Beach and are starting to open up, as the only accommodations so far have been huts that are meant for tourist to kick back and relax in the stillness of the surrounding region.

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2. Puri Beach

Found on Orissa, Puri Beach is one of the main attractions, and certainly one of the most popular ones. It’s certainly an interesting location, mainly because it’s considered a pilgrimage site for those that seek to pay homage to Lord Jaganath, so that’s why you’ll see plenty of locals as well as plenty of tourists.

A fascinating aspect of this beach is that it’s possible to witness both the sunrise and sunset, thanks to its unique position, so many visitors opt to stay for as long as possible to enjoy this natural prospect.

Food is also an important aspect of the region, as there’s a small finishing village along the coast, so everybody can partake in plenty of fresh caught delicacies, like prawn and pomfret.

3. Dhanushkodi Beach

Dhanushkodi beach

A spot that’s not usually visited by the typical tourist, Dhanushkodi Beach is a place that offers little other than spectacular views of the turquoise blue sea. But if you’re interested in a little bit of history there’s something to be learned and experienced about this place, as according to legend Lords Rama and Hanuman built the famous Setu Bridge in order to reach Sri Lanka, as this beach is the nearest point between the two lands.

Another interesting tidbit is about the village that used to stand in the region, called Dhanushkodi that was devastated by a cyclone barely half a century ago. Some remains of the town are still visible in their haunting beauty, and many visitors choose to take some time off from the hustle and bustle of civilization so they can relax in this desolate region.

4. Candolim Beach

Another fantastic example for a beach in Goa, Candolim Beach is perfect as a holiday retreat for a honeymoon or a similar vacation. It’s a very colorful spot, as it allows for a wide variety of activities both adventurous and serene – from beachside yoga, to all sorts of watersports, and many blood-pumping parties that take place all day.

The beach itself is quite delightful too, with scrub-covered dunes reaching out from the ocean, and leading all the way up to the local highlights, places like the vibrant bazaars, or the nearby lighthouse. And since Goa used to be a Portuguese colony back in the day, there are some historic buildings in the region, like an old fort that only adds to the ambiance of this wonderful beach.

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5. Arambol Beach

Arambol Beach
Flickr Credit: jujules backpack

If you’re looking for a unique beach that is a mix of everything, then Arambol Beach is the perfect destination. It’s been endearingly called a beach for hippies in the past, because there’s little in the way of high-class hotels and accommodations in the region, and the visitors themselves choose to create their own fun.

It’s one of those unspoiled pristine beaches that are ideal for swimming, strolling, and sun basking, but if you’re up for a bit of adrenaline-fueled activities, you can always do some paragliding from the cliffs near the beach.

There are plenty of boats that leave on dolphin watching tours, as the wildlife surround this beach is astounding, but if you prefer to remain on land, then shopping is a fantastic option, because there plenty of unique little bazaars that offer all sorts of goods.

And once you’re tired of sitting on the beach, you’ll be able to relax in one of the nearby cafes that offer plenty of tasty delicacies, both Italian and Indian.

6. Ganpatipule Beach

This beach is arguably the best one along the Konkan Coast, with its exoticness, lush flora, and an unspoiled quality that’s hard to match. Ganpatipule Beach has a more wholesome feel, mostly because it used to be a place of worship, and there is a temple of Swayambhu – which means self-originated – Ganes, that’s one of the largest attractions in the region.

This beach sees visitors from everywhere, both from within and without India, most of who are seeking to pay the respects to the deity. The beach itself is stunning, with flora that’s surprisingly unique to the wider region, which includes coconut palms and mangroves, so there’s no question of beauty – the place is gorgeous.

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7. Colva Beach

Colva beach
Flickr Credit: Rich.Smith

This breathtaking beach has a shockingly fun duality – on one hand it’s the place where tons of rave parties are actively taking place and the nightlife is exploding with intensity, but on the other, it allows for plenty of calm and collected moments.

It’s both the oldest and largest in the region, and in the past it used to be reserved for the high class and the nobility, but those days have long since passed, and today visitors of all groups and ages visit this stunning beach.

A gorgeous stretch of soft white sand – shaded by tall coconut palms – in both directions, people from everywhere flock to witness this unique beach, not only for the vibrant night life, but also an old church from the 17th century that has a beautiful statue called the Menino Jesus. It’s a place that can be visited any time of the year, but the biggest events take place mostly from October to May.

8. Elephanta Beach

The waters of the Indian Ocean are downright amazing. They’re beautiful and perfect in more ways than one, as some of the best spots for diving and snorkeling can be found in the waters of this spectacular ocean.

Elephanta Beach is a gateway for many of these spots, especially since considering the rich and vibrant biodiversity found in the region. Many species of coral reef and exotic fishes live in the waters near this beach, and the island it’s located on – Havelock Island. In fact, the entire archipelago is breathtaking and perfect for experiencing the waters with a good dive.

If you prefer to spend your time on land though, Elephanta beach has you covered, because it’s a gorgeous and calm stretch of beach that’s surrounded by sapphire waters, and is perfect for family retreats.

9. Mandrem Beach

Mandrem Beach
Flickr Credit: makovitz

The warm sandy shores of Mandrem Beach are one of those virgin beaches that everybody wishes they’d personally own. That’s mostly because there’s not quite like it. A relaxing places that soothes the soul, Mandrem Beach is perfect for getting away from all the commotion the larger places can cause, and is one of those places that ideal to practice yoga.

With calm light breezes, the whoosh coming from the ocean, and the small number of people present around all add up to a perfect atmosphere. The waters are unsurprisingly perfect for swimming and relaxing in, and once you tire of swimming, you can take a very relaxing massage near this fantastic beach.

10. Varca Beach

A unique type of beach experience that’s not quite typical in places like these, Varca Beach is one of the most exotic and popular beaches, but is rarely overcrowded. What’s unique is that the vast majority of people choose to spend their time there in a relaxing manner, because Varca Beach has plenty of food joints and cafes that all serve special delicacies that are a shame to pass on.

In fact, Varca Beach serves as a sort of hub where people get together over drinks so they can watch the dolphins play lazily in the water while discussing the great time they spent on the beach.


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