The Barong Kris Dance in Bali

Every time I visit Bali, there are three main things that I love to do: scuba dive, beach lounge, and watch a Barong and Kris show. And not always in that order.

Now, there are a few dance shows around Bali, such as the famous Kecak Fire dance in Uluwatu and the Devdan show in Nusa Dua, but by far my favorite is the Barong. I love the traditional masks and puppets and crazy out fits, and I feel like I am tripping out watching their crazy, jerky moves.

It’s really hard to explain this movement the girls in particular make, or their facial expressions that make them seem like the gods or demons they are playing, so before I go any further watch this video, and you’ll see what I mean. The first demon comes out at 2:56.

See what I mean with the scary costume and unique movements? Well it turns out that these aren’t just random dancing around like I first thought. They are scripted and choreographed to follow one of many ancient Balinese stories.

When you arrive they give you some kind of script so that you can read along with what’s happening, and follow along in the story. It’s basically like a translator, and once you know what is happening it get even more fun.

To watch a Barong dance, you can head to either Ubud or Sukawati, Ubud being the most convenient or course. Just stop by one of the many tour offices in town, and ask when the next show is. If I remember right they are pretty early, so plan accordingly!

bali Barong dance

bali Barong dance

bali Barong dance

If you are looking for even more fun things to do while visiting Bali, you can check out our list of 101 Things to do in Bali HERE. But while in Ubud you might also want to check out the beautiful Monkey Forest, or head to the coast and do some diving!

No matter that stuff you decided to do in Bali, you wont want to miss a Barong show!