20 Fun Things to do in Boracay

The islands of the Philippines are known as tropical paradises, but no island fits this description more than the island of Boracay. We even mentioned Boracay in our big guide to Scuba Diving Philippines!

Boracay is a popular beach destination known for its parties. While it was recently shut down by the government for some clean up initiatives, Boracay has once again opened its doors to visitors. So if you are looking for a great beach escape in the Philippines then here are the top things to do in Boracay.


20 Fun things to do in Boracay!


1. Stroll Down White Beach

White Beach is the main beach on the island of Boracay. It’s about as idyllic as they come with powdery white sand and clear blue waters, and plenty. White Beach is divided into 3 main ‘stations’ which work well as points of reference. If you are looking for the bars and restaurant, head to station 2. If you are staying at one of the luxury hotels, you can find those at station 1. As for those who want to escape as much of the White Beach crowd as possible, head to the quieter station 3. We even listed Boracay in our list of 101 Best Beaches in Philippines.

2. Island Hop

Island hopping tours are popular all around the Philippines, and Boracay is no exception. It’s an all day tour that includes swimming, snorkeling, and lunch and will take you to several main beaches and islands including: Crystal Cove, Puka Beach, Crocodile Island, Balinghai Beach, and Magic Island West Cove. These tours are offered from most accommodations or can be booked on the beach as well. If you want to go further afield and find paradise, check out Romblon.


3. Visit the Island’s Bat Cave

Sadly, you won’t find the bat-mobile here but you will find hundreds of bats. There are two ways to reach the bat cave (both involve taking a tour). Some tours will go by land which involves a bit of trekking through the jungle while other tours will take you by boat. The bats can be found hanging from the ceiling (or flying around) an old man-made cave.


4. Go Scuba Diving

The Philippines is a scuba diver’s paradise and the island of Boracay is no exception. Whether you are an experienced diver just looking to do some fun dives, or a newbie who wants to get certified, the calm and clear waters around Boracay are perfect for divers of all levels. You’ll see plenty here as well from corals and reef fish to sharks and rays. For more information on diving, check out our comprehensive guide to Scuba Diving Boracay.


5. Learn How to Freedive

If learning how to freedive is on your bucket list, then why not learn in Boracay? The island has several dive shops that offer both beginner and advanced freediving courses. Not only is freediving a fun activity, but is also helps with underwater confidence for surfers and scuba divers.

6. Become a Mermaid for a Day

Did you dream of becoming a mermaid as a child? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. However, in Boracay you can turn this childhood dream into a reality at the Mermaid Swimming Academy. There you will get to put on a colourful mermaid tail and learn how to swim and pose like a mermaid. It makes for some really fun photos.


7. Take an Island Tour

Most people visit Boracay and stick to the beaches, but if you’d like to see more of the interior of the island then consider taking an island tour. These tours usually only last a couple of hours but will take you into the jungle an up the mountains where you will be rewarded with incredible panoramic views. Some tours also include a visit to the local wildlife center where you can see freshwater crocodiles, all kinds of birds, and some monkeys. Ask around about Ticao.


8. Visit Crystal Cove Island

One of the best day trips from Boracay is to Crystal Cove Island. With white sand beaches, idyllic beach huts, and some great snorkeling spots it’s the perfect way to spend a relaxing day. There are even some interesting caves on the islands where crystals have formed, giving the island its name.


9. Cliff Jump from Ariel’s Point

Looking to do a thrill-seeking activity while exploring Boracay? Then grab some adventurous friend’s and join a day trip out to Ariel’s Point; a popular place for cliff jumping and other water activities. Those who want to jump have three dive planks to choose from all at different heights. The lowest is 3m while the highest is 15m. Not big on heights? Don’t worry, you can buy and Ariel’s day pass which will give you access to snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding. A buffet lunch is included in the pass as well.


10. Try Your Hand at Kite Surfing

Kite surfing is one of the top water sports in Boracay and one of the best places to do it (or learn how to do it) is on Bulabong Beach. The wind here is pretty intense, making it perfect for kite surfing. You can rent equipment and hire lessons along the beach. Or, if you aren’t too sure about trying yourself, grab a seat on the beach and watch.


11. Go Parasailing

As you sit on one of the island’s white sand beaches you’ll no doubt notice the giant colourful sails trailing behind speed boats. This is parasailing, and it’s a lot of fun and offers some really great views. Parasailing can be booked along the beaches- chances are you’ll get offered a ride before you even ask.


12. Ziplining in Boracay

Like the idea of adventurous activities, but maybe not so keen on doing them in the water? How about ziplining? Not only does it provide a fun thrill, but it also gives you great views of the island’s countryside. Head over to the Boracay zipline park and go for a ride.


13. Go Zorbing

Another fun (and hilarious to watch) activity to do on Boracay is zorbing. If you’ve never seen it before, essentially you climb into a huge plastic ball and then go plunging down a steep hill while bouncing around inside. Not for those who get motion sick, but if you are up for a laugh (and maybe a bit of a dizzy spell) zorbing in Boracay is definitely a fun thing to try.


14. Go on an ATV Adventure

If you are looking for a break from the beach and want to check out the island’s jungle and mountains, then join an ATV tour. The tour will lead you to the highest point on the island, Mount Luho, which offers some pretty incredible views. The trail isn’t too hard, so it’s a good activity for those new to ATVing.


15. Escape the Crowds at Puka Shell Beach

Boracay is busy, so if you want to get away from all the people then head to the quieter and more secluded Puka Shell beach (also known as Yapak Beach). There isn’t much going on here; just a couple of small guesthouses. But the beach is beautiful and perfect for relaxing and swimming.


16. Visit the Spas

One of the reasons that tourists love SE Asia so much is that you can get amazing massages and spa treatments for a fraction of the price that you can at home. Take advantage of these great deals and indulge in a daily massage during your stay in Boracay. Or, treat yourself and head to one of the luxury spas for more upscale treatments. It’s not as cheap as what you can find on the streets but, hey, you are on vacation!


17. Take a Filipino Cooking Class with a Local

Filipino food is pretty delicious, so if you have fallen in love with the flavors and would like to learn how to cook some of these dishes at home, then why not sign up for a cooking class! Most of these classes happen in the morning so you can eat what you made for lunch. And, yes, you do get a printed copy of some great recipes to take home with you.


18. Have a Photo Shoot at Willy’s Rock

Willy’s Rock is an iconic place in Boracay. No doubt when you see it, you’ll recognize it from the photos. After all, it is the most photographed landmark in Boracay. You can swim over to Willy’s Rock in high tide, or walk over at low tide. There are some stairs to climb to the top where you will find a small chapel at the top which holds a statue of the Virgin Mary. Willy’s Rock is a great spot for photos and for watching the sunset.


19. Watch Boracay’s Famous Sunsets

There’s something special about island sunsets and those seen from Boracay are truly magical. You can enjoy the sunset from a spot on the beach or book a spot on one of the small local sailboats (paraws) that go out at this time in the evening. If you have a group, make sure to bargain!


20. Have a Night out in Boracay

Part of why Boracay is such a popular island to visit is because, on top of beautiful beaches, it’s also known for its parties and nightlife. You can explore the many pubs and bars of Boracay on your own, or, if you’d like to meet some fellow travellers then consider joining a pub crawl.

With so many fun things to do in Boracay, you’ll never get bored on this island paradise.