The Most Fun Things to do in Canggu, Bali

When it comes to popular spots in Bali, Canggu tends to be the choice for surfers and hipster types. Multiple beaches with great swells and plenty of cafes and restaurants make it a popular choice for these crowds.

However, there’s more to Canggu than surf culture. Canggu makes a great choice for travellers looking for a more laid back place from which to enjoy their Bali vacation. There’s a great selection of family friendly activities and dining options as well and, while it’s not as cheap as Kuta, it is more affordable than nearby Seminyak. Here’s our list of the best things to do in Canggu, Bali.


Temples and Culture

Things to do in Canggu

Love Anchor Sunday Market

Canggu area has a few Sunday markers but the Love Anchor market is a favourite. Clothes, crafts, food and drink can all be found here. Add a bit of live music and you have a fun, authentic shopping experience. The Love Anchor market takes place in an open-air shopping centre beside Monsieur Spoon café.

Samadi Bali Market

Samadi Bali Market is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. Fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Lots of healthy meal options, and homemade clothing and crafts make it a fun market to browse. Samadi Bali markets run from 9am-2pm on Sundays.

Cultural Evening

Every Thursday evening at 7:30pm Tugu Hotel Bali puts on a special cultural evening featuring a live Balinese dance and music performance. The goal is to highlight the historic stories and dances of the Balinese culture and everyone, whether you are staying at the hotel or not, is welcome to attend.

Canggu Market

Canggu Market is a true local market that is worth a visit to for those looking to experience the local side of Bali. Canggu Market is busiest early in the morning and a great place to people watch and pick up some fresh fruit from the local farmers. This market is in Raya Bolong Street.

Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple isn’t actually in Canggu, but it’s pretty close and a must visit. Tanah Lot is one of Bali’s most important, and most popular temples. It’s especially stunning at sunset but, be warned, it gets very crowded. Check out our complete list of Temples in Bali.


Museum, Galleries, and More

Things to do in Canggu

Canggu Club

Canggu Club is your typical leisure club with a wide range of activities for people of all ages. Highlights include a swimming pool with waterslide, fitness centre, bowling alley, tennis courts, and more.

Splash Waterpark

A fun waterpark for kids of all ages! Children love the slides and pools and their parents love the safe environment. Adults have a lot of fun here too, especially on the Giant Racer; a 90m waterslide that can fit 4 sliders at a time. Splash Waterpark isn’t the biggest waterpark in Bali, but it’s great for a day out in Canggu.


Beaches, Nature, and the Outdoors

Things to do in Canggu

Canggu Beach/ Batu Balong Beach

Looking for a place to soak up the sun? Sit by the shore? Or learn how to surf? Canggu Beach, also referred to as Batu Balong Beach, is the place to go. You can do pretty much every beach activity here though it’s most popular with surfers. Surf boards and instructors for lessons can be found in the parking lot area.

Echo Beach

Only a few minutes’ walk from from Canggu Beach, Echo Beach offers a nice beach but without all the crowds. It doesn’t have the same amount of restaurants and beach bars that Echo Beach does, making it a quieter spot to have a beach day.

Berawa Beach

Berawa Beach is another popular beach choice and a favourite among traveller and the expat community because unlike the other beaches in Canggu, Berawa Beach is regularly cleaned and maintained. This is because there are a couple of five star resorts on the beachfront. While you are here, make sure to try out the swing at ARboon beach bar!

Perenan Beach

Perenan Beach is known for its strong waves which makes it a popular spot for local surfers and surf holidays. Not the best place to come if you are looking for a relaxing swim, but if you want to catch a few waves then this is a great beach.

Nelayan Beach

Located between Canguu Beach (Batu Balong) and Berawa beach, Nelayan Beach is marked by a small group of colourful fisherman huts. If you walk by early in the morning you will see the local fisherman coming in with their daily catch, including tiny prawns, which they will then lay out on the sand to dry in the sun.

Horseback Riding

If you love horseback riding or are looking for a memorable experience in Bali, then try horseback riding on Canggu’s beaches. Bali Equestrian centre offers lessons, group tours, and private tours.

Check out our complete list of beaches in Bali


Food, Drink, and Nightlife

Deus Ex Machina

You’ve heard of taco Tuesdays, but how about tacos and tattoos? Deus Ex Machina is a unique spot on the Seminyak scene. It’s a motorcycle shop the builds customized bikes, serves up some delicious tacos, and does tattoos. But, only on Tuesdays!

Warung Dandelion

This local warung has a cute and homey feel that makes it a fast favourite for travellers in Canggu. This warung serves up delicious traditional Indonesia fare, but the highlight is the Alice in Wonderland vibe that comes from the décor and real rabbits bouncing around the yard.

Monsieur Spoon

If you are craving a traditional café with pastries and baked goods then head to Monsieur Spoon; a French café which was opened in 2012 by two Parisians. Breads, cakes, pastries, coffees, and juices make it a popular breakfast and lunch spot.

Betelnut Café

This hot pink wooden shack-type building is another popular café in Canggu. Betelnut Café’s menu is filled with fresh, healthy, and organic food items. The smoothie bowls here are an absolute must.

Warung Bu MiThings to do in Canggu

If you are looking for cheap, good, local, Indonesian food then this is the place to get it. Warung Bu Mi may seem pretty simple and basic compared to some of the other restaurants and eateries on our Canggu list, but the food here is delicious and the price is right.

Pretty Poison

If you are into skateboarding or are a skateboarding fan, then head to Pretty Poison. This skate bar opens at 4pm and sometimes they have live music. It’s a popular hangout spot for the expat community, so if you plan on sticking around Canggu for a while head to Pretty Poison for a drink or two to meet some more local types.

Old Man’s

On Batu Balong Beach, Old Man’s is a popular beach bar. It’s pretty chill during the day but turns into a party palace when the sun goes down. They almost always have something going on. Wednesday nights ‘Dirty Ol’ Wednesdays’ are a backpacker favourite as this is when the drinking games, including beer pong, really get going.

La Laguna

A gypsy themed restaurant and beach club located at Berawa Beach. Enjoy delicious food and drinks in gypsy-inspired caravans decorated in bright colours. It’s like stepping into a magical world and is perfect for watching Bali’s sunsets.

Finns Beach Club

If you are looking for a bit of a classier alternative to Old Man’s Beach Bar, then head to Finns Beach Club. It’s by Berawa Beach and promises a relaxing beach day with its day beds, infinity pool, and laid back vibes. It’s also a great place to catch Bali’s gorgeous sunsets.


Relaxation and Wellness


Yoga is huge all across the island of Bali, and while Ubud tends to be the leader in terms of Yoga classes, retreats, and workshops, Canggu comes in a close second. There are plenty of places to engage in yoga practice around Canggu. Some places even off a free class each week, so be sure to ask around and try out a couple different spots.


You can’t come to Bali and not take advantage of the massages. Whether you love Balinese massage, oil massage, head massage, or foot massage, this island is where you want to go to get you massage fix. Prices vary depending on the massage, as well as the location. However, if you stay away from the luxury spas at the resorts and hotels, it’s easy to find a good, cheap massage in Canggu.

Goldust Beauty Lounge

Looking to try something different? How about a 24 carat gold facial? You can at Goldust Beauty Lounge. The gold mask is put on after cleansing the skin, and is supposed to tighten, smooth, and hydrate your skin.


Cheap massages are easy to find in Canggu, but if you are looking for a luxury spa experience just to treat yourself, do something romantic, or want to celebrate then you have several choices of more upscale wellness centers where you can spend a couple of hours or even the day. Try Spring Spa Canggu or Therapy Canggu.

Canggu may have a reputation as being a hipster or surfer spot in Bali, but there’s more to do in this part of the island than catch a few waves. If you are looking for a quieter, affordable area with plenty of beach opportunities with good restaurants and bars, then Canggu is a great pick for your Bali vacation.


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