Awesome Things to do in Seminyak

Seminyak, Bali is located in the south-east side of the island, not too far from Denpasar Airport and Kuta, however the vibe here is quite different. Where Kuta is the party place for budget backpackers, Seminyak is more refined.

Expect classier beach clubs and restaurants and better shopping options. Even the beaches here tend to be cleaner and less busy.

Seminyak is also one of the best places to come if your ideal Bali vacation involves private villas and luxurious spa experiences. It’s one of the more expensive areas in Bali, but it really does cater to the luxury traveller at an affordable price.

So, if you are looking for a stylish getaway in Bali, then Seminyak might be the best spot for you. Here are the best things to do in Seminyak, Bali.

Temples and Culture

Things to do in Seminyak

Pura Petitenget

Pura Petitenget is one of Bali’s most important temples as it is one of the six key sea temples on the island. The temple’s name, Pura Petitenget, translates to ‘magic box’ and refers to the legend of a magic box owned by a Balinese priest in the 16th century. The temple is named after this magic box which the priest is said to have visited regularly.

Pura Masceti

Pura Masceti is another Balinese temple in Seminyak, but this one is dedicated to agriculture and visited by local farmers. Many farmers come to pray for rain or good weather conditions for their crops. It is also popular among builders who come to make offering here before breaking ground on their next project.

Santa Mikael Church

Seminyak’s Santa Mikael Church is a favourite for photographers and instagrammers because it looks like it popped out of the pages of a fairytale story book. It’s a gothic-style church done in a white and blue design. Stop by for photos and, if you are lucky, you might also stumble across a wedding or festival.

Tanah Lot Temple

While not exactly in Seminyak, Tanah Lot Temple is a popular evening trip for many people staying in this area. Tanah Lot is one of Bali’s most important temples, and it’s especially popular to come view at sunset. The shrine is perched at the top of a rock that turns into an island when the tide comes in. Very picturesque, but also quite busy.

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Food, Drink, and Nightlife

Things to do in Seminyak

Potato Head Beach Club

Potato Head is probably the best known beach club in Seminyak Bali. A large infinity pool, lounge chairs, and private cabanas (though you need to get there early to snap one of those up) all add to this beach club’s luxurious vibe. Drinks and tapas-style snacks are available or, if you are looking for something more, there are three formal dining options: The Potato Head Bistro, Lilan (Asian fusion menu), or Tapping Shoes (French).

Ku De Ta

For a fun night out with great cocktails and good music, head to Ku De Ta beach club. There is an onsite restaurant that will serve up smaller dishes and snacks along with full meals, and a large bar offering stunning ocean views.

Bali Jo

One of the only LGBTQ friendly nightclubs in Bali, this club keeps the party going all night long with the help of glamorous drag queens and energized go-go dancers. While most people who identify as LGBTQ find Bali to be pretty open-minded, this is a good place to come if you are looking for somewhere more comfortable and accepting.

Vin + Seminyak

This gorgeous restaurant is a popular night lift choice in Seminyak thanks to the impressive wine list. The labels served here have been expertly curated from around the world, making it a must-visit for any wine enthusiast. Vin + Seminyak also has a great cocktail menu and does serve food.

Nirvana Burger Bar

Come for the great burgers and drinks, but stay for the entertainment. Every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Nirvana Burger Bar offers fire shows. And, on Mondays and Wednesdays they have a magician. It’s a fun and different way to spend your night out in Seminyak.

Jalan Laksamana aka Eat Street

Hungry but not sure where to go? Take a walk down Jalan Laksamana, commonly referred to as ‘Eat Street’ and I bet you’ll quickly find something that catches your eye. From cute cafes to European inspired bistros, and local Indonesian warungs, there are plenty of food options to be found on this Seminyak street.

Take a Cooking Class

Love Indonesian food and want to learn how to make it yourself? That can easily be done with a local cooking class. There are plenty of cooking classes to choose from, some of which also include a local market tour.

Get your Caffeine Fix

If you are a coffee lover, then Seminyak is the perfect place for you. This city is lined with dozens of cute cafes and coffee shops offering a variety of different blends. Try Revolver Espresso, Sea Circus, and Earth Café to name a few.

Made’s Warung

One of the more popular Indonesian restaurants in Seminyak, Made’s Warung serves up a variety of typical Indonesian food along with some typical western favourites. The food is pretty good, but the highlight here are the dance performances. Your best bet is to go early or make a reservation in advance so you can sit up front and watch the performance.

MacCheese Café

This fun café offers plenty of western favourites but the real highlight are the massive milkshakes that come topped with, well, pretty much everything. Pretzels, sprinkles, brownies, chocolate fudge and more. The milkshakes here are basically a meal in themselves but they are oh so worth it.

Motel Mexicola

A fun Mexican-themed restaurant that serves up great Mexican eats and drinks. Come for a family dinner or come for stay later in the evening for dancing and drinks. If you have a larger group, it’s recommended to make reservations as Motel Mexicola is a popular spot.

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Beaches, Nature, and The Outdoors

Things to do in Seminyak

Seminyak Beach

The area’s main beach where you can do everything from sunbathing to kite flying, take surf lessons, or just hang out at one of the beach bars. It’s much quieter than the nearby Kuta Beach but still a popular spot on a hot, sunny day.

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Double Six Beach

Technically, Double Six Beach is part of the main strip known as Seminyak Beach. But this smaller section is a bit cleaner and nicer than other parts. It’s also known for its restaurants and beach clubs.

Horseback Riding

Whether you are an experienced rider or if you’ve never been on a horse before but have always wanted to try, going horseback riding on a beautiful Balinese beach promises to be a memorable experience. Professional guides will lead you safely along the beach allowing you to experience the best views. Total trip takes about two hours.

Go Surfing

Many places in Bali are great for surfing, and Seminyak is no different. There are a couple beaches in the area where you can catch waves though if you are looking to take a class your best bet is to just take a walk down Seminyak Beach, you’ll find boards for rent and someone willing to give you a lesson in no time.

Go Scuba Diving

Bali is an amazing scuba diving destination, and while Seminyak itself isn’t hope to any dive sites, there are a number of scuba operators in the area that will arrange to take you to the popular dive areas around Bali. Whether you are an experienced scuba diver looking for some fun dives, or a complete newbie looking to get certified, Bali is a scuba diving paradise.

Play a round of Golf

Only about 20-30 minutes outside of Seminyak are some of Bali’s most beautiful golf courses. Nirwana is the best known place to play a game or two. With backdrops of the rolling ocean waves and lush, green rice fields, a round at Nirwana just might be the most scenic game of golf you have ever played.

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Museums, Galleries, and More


Theatre Art Gallery

If you are interested in Indonesian theatre traditions, then this is the museum for you. The Theatre Art Gallery has an extensive collection of Indonesian puppets, both old and new, and focuses on this particular form of Indonesian art.

Nyamin Art GalleryThings to do in Seminyak

If you are an art enthusiast, or just interested in checking out local Bali’s art scene them Nyamin Art Gallery is a must. The majority of items on display are Indonesian, many of them created by local artists. Many of the items here are also for sale.

W Hotel Photoshoot

If you are looking to get some super cute Bali photos for your Instagram then head to the W Hotel. The entrance of this gorgeous Seminyak property will make you feel like you’ve been transported to the jungle. A bamboo forest creates a natural tunnel-like frame, perfect for a photo op.

Shop til you Drop

If Ubud is the cultural centre and Kuta is the party place, the Seminyak is where you come to shop. From beautiful handmade batik sarongs to Balinese home décor, and more, Seminyak is a shopping mecca. The most popular street for shoppers in Seminyak is Jalan Laksmana.

Totem Room Escape Bali

If you are stuck looking for something to do on a rainy day, or just looking for a change of pace, then head to Totem Room Escape Bali. Your team can be up to six people and you will have an hour to see if you can escape.

Relaxation and Wellness

Things to do in Seminyak


Bali is known for its yoga classes and while Ubud may be the most popular Yoga destination, Seminyak has some great yoga studios as well. From classes of all types to workshops, retreats, and even courses, Seminyak has plenty of yoga options to choose from. We recommend Seminyak Yoga Shala.

Spa and Massage

Spa treatments and massage and pretty unanimous with Bali, and Seminyak is a great place to indulge and pamper yourself. As with other Balinese cities, there is a large range in type of spa and the accompanying price tag. If you are looking for a unique spa experience, try Prana Spa.

Blow Bar

If the heat, humidity, and ocean water is wreaking havoc on your hair then head to Bali’s Blow Bar. Customers can get their hair and/or nails done as well as any waxing. Pair the pampering with a cocktail or glass of champagne and you have a great girl’s day.

Stay in a Private Villa

There are a number of private villas available in Seminyak which allow travellers the best of both worlds; the privacy of a luxurious villa and the benefit of being in a lively and central location. Spend your days exploring then come back to your own private paradise for a break.

For traveller to Bali looking for a more upscale area with plenty of great dining choices, more luxurious accommodation options, but still plenty to do, then Seminyak is the perfect pick for your Bali vacation.

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