Tioman Island is the biggest and one of the most popular islands of Malaysian peninsula. Taking a ferry ride from Mersing to the island brings you to some of the best diving in the world. Being one of the most inexpensive places to visit means you will be able to make many more dives than you may be able to in other countries. Be sure to leave enough time above water to enjoy all the other things the area has to offer.


Situated on the eastern side of the peninsula of Malaysia, this island is full of resorts and amenities that cater to travelers, and especially to divers. The affordability and spectacular diving is what draws so many scuba enthusiasts to spend their holidays here.

There are several dive centers that are great for taking you to the best dive sites. Dives usually cost around RM90 (ringgits), and for around RM1000 you can get PADI certifications.

You will find a variety of dive sites that are sure to satisfy your desires. From some great wrecks, thrilling walls, rocks and pinnacles and spectacular reefs to explore you will want to extend your holiday to take it all in.

You will find all sorts of magnificent sea life in all the area. The list of suspects include Blacktip, Bamboo and whale sharks, groupers, nudibranches, moray eels, turtles and even lobsters. The reefs are covered with amazing soft and hard coral, barrel sponges and so much more.


tioman island diving

Tiger Reef Dive Site

This spectacular site includes a pinnacle that goes down to a depth of 22m. It can have a pretty strong current, so is for advanced divers. The amazing amount of marine life you will see will take your breath away, including corals of all types, barrel sponges and so many fishes. You may even be lucky enough to spot a whale shark!

Soyak Wreck

Two old Thai fishing boats rest at the bottom of the sea just waiting to be explored. It is one of the most popular night dives in Tioman. Strong currents flow through here, making it for those divers with open water advanced certifications. The marine life loves it, and you will see some amazing critters!

Fan Canyon

This breathtaking canyon, which drops to a depth of 30m, is chock full of some amazing critters such as Scorpion Fish and anchovies. The large rocks and walls are covered in beautiful coral of all sizes, shapes and colors as well as sea fans, nudibranches and flatworms, just to name a few. If you are quick with the camera you may be surprised at what you capture.

Teluk Kador

This reef has some awesome things to see. You could see some elusive whale sharks as well as blacktip sharks, or play with some of the more friendly turtles. Moray eels will also grace you with their presence as well as some various lobsters as they cruise around the colorful coral. An ideal site for divers of all levels.

Magician Rock

This spectacular pinnacle/wall is one of the most popular sites in Tioman Island for open water advanced divers. You will be thrilled with all of the manta rays, whale sharks, groupers and so much more. The strong current around this pinnacle is home to a myriad of fish which will entertain you for the entire dive. The beautiful coral is second to none. Be sure to have your camera ready!

Pirate Reef

This is another amazing place for an ideal night dive. The reef runs from only 4-14m with a small wreck at one end. Bamboo sharks may grace you with their presence along with all of the other macro species that will fill your camera lens for some of the most spectacular photography you will experience.

Rennggis Island

Great for divers of all levels, Rennggis is home to a large variety of species of fish and corals. Lots of opportunities to see turtles and reef sharks. There a several spots to dive around the island.

Chebeh Island

An island area made up of volcanic rocks with caves, tunnels, and swim throughs, there are several dive sites around Chebeh island. The reef has been described to look like the reef in Finding Nemo and here is a good possibility of seeing whale sharks and giant mantas during migration season (April-October).


Labas is another rocky spot, but best known for its swim throughs. There isn’t a huge amount of marine life here compared to some of the other sites, but you will still see turtles, pufferfish, sting rays, and common reef species.

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While diving Tioman Islands is possible any time from February to November, the ideal time to dive here is during February and March. The monsoon season runs from November to February, so it is not advisable to travel here during these months.


The best way to get here is to take the ferry from Mersing so you can soak in the beauty before you even set foot on the island. Getting to Mersing can be the easiest from Singapore either by bus or air.


Not only is there some of the best diving and dive centers here, but the island has many resorts and shops that cater to the tourist. There are several restaurants and bars, making the nightlife very fun.

With the interior of the island being mainly jungle, hikes throughout the area are amazing with all of the species of wildlife and the amazing flora and fauna. So whether relaxing on a beach or exploring the rest of the island, your time above the surface will be just as fun.


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The peninsula of Malaysia is comprised of 64 islands, with Tioman being the largest, and perhaps most popular with divers and snorkelers. It is duty-free, making items such as alcohol cheaper which is perhaps another reason why it is so popular with divers!

The interior of the island is covered in thick jungle, with all of the inhabited parts around the edge of the island. The atmosphere is very laid back and relaxing. The local people are very friendly and love to make everyone’s stay enjoyable.

The entire island is a Marine Park so it is kept in pristine condition. It is on many Top 10 lists for best islands to spend your holiday at.