Scuba Diving Turkey

Turkey is filled with beautiful spots that are sought after by tourists. But what not many people know is that it is a famous destination for diving. It is not surprising why Turkey is known for its diving spot given that it is surrounded by the Aegean Sea, Black Sea, and Mediterranean Sea, which offer limitless options for avid scuba divers.

turkey diving

Scuba diving in Turkey is a relatively new attraction. But it has recently helped to bring in more tourists who are seeking new dive sites to explore. Every dive site offers turquoise blue waters that are crystal clear.

Due to the warm weather in Turkey, it is a great diving site all year round. If you are seeking a dive destination for any time of the year, you can add this country to your list. The average water temperature is at 30 degrees Celsius. The diving season is from April to August.

The Turkish Riviera also offers great level of diversity so there is always something new to explore. From caves to wrecks and archaeological sites, you will be able to try different types of diving environments. And just as diverse as the diving environment, there is also a rich array of sea life that can be seen in Turkey dive sites.

The over 8,000 kilometer coastline combined with great visibility and ideal Mediterranean climate makes Turkey a noteworthy diving destination. Because more and more divers are coming here to experience these sites, you can also find many liveboard and dive tour operators in the area. Foreign visitors in Turkey must only dive with registered dive centers.



This is recognized as one of the most popular diving sites in the Mediterranean region. It is home to a huge variety of sea life that includes sightings of thornback rays. If you are into cavern diving, this is a must-add to your diving bucket list.


Mersin is known for its clear waters and many interesting dive sites. One of the must-dive sites in the region is the sunken cargo ship on Dana Island. You can also head to Sancak Bay, which is a submerged bay. You will also find a concentrated amount of dive sites along the coastline of Tasucu.


If you are looking for a dive site that is suited for rich marine life, then you need to add Side to your destination. You will have the chance to spot Caretta turtles, big groupers, lionfishes, and more. There are also underwater caves and wrecks to explore.


This is one of the best diving sites in Turkey, especially in the Aegean Sea region. This diving site is known for its depth, caverns, and colorful sea sponges. Within this area, you can find numerous other dive sites with their own unique characteristics.

Oak Island is known for its shallow areas and breathtaking rock formations. Other notable dive sites include Big Bango, Small Bango, and Kargi Island.


Another notable dive site in the Aegean Sea area is Gokova. This dive site is noted for its breathtaking underwater topography that is suited for those looking for a great wall diving experience.


This dive site is located in the Gulf of Saros in Marmara Sea. This is a favorite spot for divers because it is quite accessible from Istanbul. Among the highlights of this dive site are submerged ruins, interesting plant life, sea creatures, and amazing tourist facilities.

HMS Majestic

This is a British battleship that sunk in 1915. It sits on the bottom of the sandy floor 29 meters deep into the water. This wreck has become the home of numerous schools of fish. Other notable features of the dive site is the barnacle-encrusted cannon while the wreck’s interior does not allow penetration.


The ideal time to dive in Turkey is from April to November. During this time of the year, the water temperature stays at an ideal 21-degree Celsius. If you are planning your diving trip to Turkey, avoid the months of July and August.

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Turkey is a new diving destination but it is already known as one of the top 100 dive destinations in the world. Here is a list of diving questions in Turkey to ensure that you can get the most out of every experience.

How good is the water visibility in Turkey?

The diving sites in Turkey has impressive water visibility that can go as deep as 30 meters. It is not uncommon to find dive sites with this type of water visibility – sometimes even deeper.

What type of underwater topography can be explored?

Aside from the rich marine life in Turkey’s dive sites, you will be able to experience awe-inspiring underwater topography such as caverns, tunnels, deep canyons, and rocky pinnacles. There are also plenty of shipwrecks that offer more unique diving environments.

Which is the best area to dive in Turkey?

The diving sites in Turkey are divided into three main regions: Mediterranean, Aegean, and the Black Sea. The choice on which is the best dive site is relative. Each site has something unique to offer so it will depend on what you want to see during your dive.

Is diver’s certificate required?

For some challenging dives, a diver’s certificate must be required. But there are also shallow dive sites that won’t require one. One thing that is required, though, is that your dive operator should have a license.


Turkey is a Eurasian country that lies between partly Europe and partly Asia. It serves as both bridge and barrier between these two continents and has the control of the entrance to the Black Sea. It covers 783,356 km2 of land area and consists of 81 provinces that are divided into several districts with the total population of approximately 79,814,871. Turkey is a wonderful place for you to travel and live due to its rich culture, historical sites, as well as beautiful places and destinations.

Capital city of Turkey: Ankara

Closest neighbors to Turkey: Turkey is bordered with 8 nations namely Bulgaria and Greece to the northwest, Armenia, Georgia to the northeast, Iran and Azerbaijani to the east, and Syria and Iraq at the south.

Best times to visit Turkey: Sprint time would be the best time to travel to Turkey. That would be from March to mid-June because the weather is moderate and it’s the off-season of Mediterranean and Aegean beach resorts. Next is autumn which is from mid-September to October though rain begins at October the water at the beaches is still warm. Summer is very hot which is mid-June to September and winter from November to January is rainy and cold.

How to get to Turkey: It takes hours only to reach Turkey. If from Europe, it takes 3 hours and a half direct flight. There are 2 Turkish carriers that fly direct all year round if from the US.

Visa requirements for Turkey: Although there are countries that require no visa upon entry to Turkey, as Americans you will need visa on arrival and for most countries.

Currency of Turkey: Türk Liras?/Turkish Lira is the currency of Turkey.

Official Language of Turkey: Two major languages are Turkish (official) and Kurdish that is spoken in East of Turkey.

UNESCO World Heritage sites in Turkey

There are 17 World Heritage sites in Turkey, 15 cultural sites and 2 mixed.

Cultural (15)

  • Aphrodisias
  • Archaeological Site of Ani
  • Archaeological Site of Troy
  • Bursa and Cumal?k?z?k: the Birth of the Ottoman Empire
  • City of Safranbolu
  • Diyarbak?r Fortress and Hevsel Gardens Cultural Landscape
  • Ephesus
  • Great Mosque and Hospital of Divri?i
  • Hattusha: the Hittite Capital
  • Historic Areas of Istanbul
  • Nemrut Da?
  • Neolithic Site of Çatalhöyük
  • Pergamon and its Multi-Layered Cultural Landscape
  • Selimiye Mosque and its Social Complex
  • Xanthos-Letoon

Mixed (2)

  • Göreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia
  • Hierapolis-Pamukkale