Underwater Photographer’s Perspective: Cenote Angelita

Some of the most beautiful and unique places I have been diving, are cenotes in Mexico. From deep vertical shafts, to giant caverns, to narrow passages and caves, cenotes showed me a environment only available to divers.

This week I once again caught up with our professional underwater photographer friend, Troy Iloski, to check out some of his recent dives in various cenotes, and share some of the great shots he got.

Troy hails from the US, and is a brand ambassador for OrcaTorch, using their dive lights all over the world to capture some amazing photos and videos. We have featured a lot of his photography from places such as Bahamas and Cozumel.

This photo essay will show the wonders of Cenote Angelita, with its intriguing cloud layer. I have dove Angelita myself, and just wish I could of captured such great shots as well!



Angelita is quite deep, reaching 40+ meters. About half way down is a cloud layer you descend through, and then there is another cloud layer sitting on the bottom, with dead trees poking ominously out. These make for some incredible shots if you have a good dive light.



Unlike most cenotes, Angelita doesn’t have a ton of caverns or side passages to explore. But there are some places to poke your head in for a look. Of course, most passages should only be entered by experienced cave divers as they can be dangerous.



Besides the cloud layers, just like any good cenote, the waters are very clear, and during the right time of day will have big light beams shining down. Makes for the perfect photo opportunity doesn’t it?


Tomorrow we will share more photos of Troy’s from other cenotes that are even more incredible. So stay tuned and don’t miss it.

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