Underwater Photographer’s Perspective: Dos Ojos Cenote

Yesterday’s Underwater Perspective featured Cenote Angelita photos, captured by Troy Iloski, and today we are featuring more incredible photos of his, this time from the incredible Cenote Dos Ojos.

Troy has the enviable task of being an ambassador for OrcaTorch, and gets to go test their dive lights in some awesome locations. For this article, he sent in some great shots from his trip to dive some cenotes in Mexico, and I’m glad he did!

Dos Ojos is on the list of one of maybe 10 cenotes that I have been lucky to explore so far, and it is in my top two favorites, along with the Pit. Its an incredible dive that has a lot of area where recreational divers can explore with their guide.

It is a really shallow, overhead environment dive, with a lot of passages and caves and corridors, more than you can do on two dives even. There are even some underground caves you can surface in, and see bats flying around. Its an impressive place to dive.

Here are some of the great shots he got at Dos Ojos, that will definitely make you want to make a visit of your own.

If you are just swimming or snorkeling, there is really only a couple place for you to do so, at the entry points for the divers. Honestly I am not sure if there is anything for you to see as a non-diver here, but its still worth a visit. For divers these entry points are pretty awesome at Dos Ojos.


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