25 Cute Crustaceans Every Diver Should See

The main reason I fell in love with SCUBA diving, is because every time I put on a mask and took a breath out of a tank, I was each time discovering a whole new world to me.

Every fin kick took me to a new, previously unseen spot, and everything in view a alien species I’d never seen.

Even when I dive in popular dive sites that I’ve been a hundred times before, each time it looks different, and I see different critters, making even my most frequented dive sites a new world each time.

When scuba diving Philippines or other places in South East Asia, the new species that can be seen is even more magnificent, and the senses are in overload on each dive. Thats why these areas are my all-time favorites.


25 Crustaceans Every Diver Should See


1: Coleman Shrimp

2: Tiger Shrimp

3: Hairy Squat Lobster

4: Squat Lobster

5: Whip Coral Shrimp

6: Skeleton Shrimp

7: Decorator Crab

8: Emperor Shrimp

9: Marble Shrimp

10: Sea Pen Crab

11: Orangutang Crab

12: Decorator Spider Crab

13: Xeno Crab

14: Hairy Green Shrimp

15: Popcorn Shrimp

16: Porcelain Crab and Shrimp

17: Donald Duck Shrimp

18: Cleaner Shrimp

19: Hermit Crab

20: Candy Crab

21: Crinoid Shrimp

22: Xenia Shrimp and Crab

23: Mantis Shrimp

24: Porcelain Crab

25: Sawblade Shrimp

There are so many more incredible, tiny crustaceans from the coral triangle, and more are being discovered each day. Most of the ones in this photo essay were shot in Philippines by Daniel Geary, but if you are thinking about scuba diving Indonesia, you’ll find just as many there as well.

Philippines and Indonesia are an underwater photographer’s dream, especially when it comes to macro. So put them on your bucket list and head there now!

Have you seen all of the crustaceans above?

About the Photographer:

Daniel Geary grew up in Florida and has fostered a love of the ocean ever since he was a few years old. He has been diving for nine years and photographing for the last four years. He currently lives in Dauin, Philippines and works at Atmosphere Resorts & Spa as an in-house marine biologist, underwater photographer, and PADI dive instructor. He is one of the world’s few frogfish experts and teaches an exclusive PADI Frogfish Specialist course. Daniel continually promotes environmentally-friendly dive and photography practices, especially not manipulating animals for photos.