Underwater Photo Essay: Buton, Indonesia

Here is another underwater photo essay from our favorite Indonesia SCUBA diver and explorer, Pinneng.

As usual I get jealous of all the remote and far-flung dive locations he gets to visit, and had to show some more great photos.

Buton Island is located at the southeast tip of Sulawesi, just northwest of Timor and northeast of Bali. It is actually the 129th largest island in the world.

Other notable world-class dive sites nearby are the Lembeh area to the north, and Wakatobi, which is close enough to be able to combine it and Buton in one dive trip.

Pinning headed to Buton, on one of many of his dive trips through Indonesia, and sent in some photos that make me want to go take a visit myself!

If you are thinking about heading to that way for an awesome dive trip, make sure to check out our entire scuba guide of Indonesia.

Underwater Wonders of Buton


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About the Photographer:

Pinneng and Gemala are the Indonesian team behind Wettraveler.com, and the authority in scuba diving around the wonders of Indonesia. Together they travel every corner of their home country to explore and document some of the best diving the world has to offer.



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