Underwater Photo Essay: Nudibranchs of Bali

Here is another underwater photo essay from my dear friend, and fellow diver, Pinneng of Wet Travelers. Pinneng and his partner are locals of Indonesia, and I’ve had the pleasure to dive with them in quite a few awesome locations, such as Alor, Maumere, Komodo and Raja Ampat.

Pinneng makes some incredible underwater photos and videos, so I wanted to show our readers some of those photos from Bali, of one of my favorite critters in the seas: The nudibranch. Or Nudi’ for short.


nudibranch of bali


Bali is an incredible place to dive in Indonesia, which is kind of surprising considering how popular it is. One would think the reefs are over abused, but there are actually quite a few good locations, and the dive shops make sure to protect their underwater treasures.

In fact, if you want more information about diving in Bali, and the many different locations, check out our comprehensive guide HERE.

Most divers head to the south ob Bali, in places like Nusa Penida where you can see giant manta rays and mola mola, but there are actually a lot of muck diving and macro critter locations, on both the east and west coasts.


nudibranch of bali


We list all of the great dive locations in Bali in our guide, linked above, but some of the greats are Amed, Salayar, Tulamben and the Liberty Wreck, and Gilimanuk. Any one of these will allow you to see a big plethora of colorful nudis.

So what is a nudi?

A nudibranch is basically a fancy sea slug, with big exposed gills. In fact “Nudibranch” means “naked gills”. These guys come in a ton of really flamboyant colors, and are a photographers perfect subject, as they allow you to take as many photos as you like, unlike most scared fish.


nudibranch of bali


There are countless species of nudis, with more being discovered each year, and because they are so colorful they are also popular in the aquarium world, although they have been known to eat your tank plants.

Although nudis are mostly found in the tropics, such as Bali and Philippines, they are actually found all over the globe. They have even been seen under ice in the Antarctic!


nudibranch of bali

nudibranch of bali

nudibranch of bali


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About the Photographer:

Pinneng and Gemala are the Indonesian team behind Wettraveler.com, and the authority in scuba diving around the wonders of Indonesia. Pinneng is an avid diver, underwater photographer and filmer. Gemala is a famous local surf champion, as well as avid diver. Together they travel every corner of their home country to explore and document some of the best diving the world has to offer. Did you see Pinneng’s photos from Togean