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If you want to target a wide variety of SCUBA enthusiasts, ocean lovers, and marine saviors. Art of Scuba Diving would love to work with you!

My site was designed for all travel lovers in mind, attracting a broad demographic including luxury, budget and adventure travel, all with one thing in common: Love for scuba diving. As you can see I write about both backpacker destinations and luxury retreats alike, with one thing that brings all together: the ocean.

I’m available for collaboration and advertising in the travel and/or diving industry. Let’s work together! I am always interested to explore new places and experience adventures to share them with my readers, and you are probably interested in promoting your location, dive center, tour company etc. I look forward to publishing exciting stories from the road, reviews of the places I stayed, dove and toured, and share stunning images from the destinations itself., including underwater photography.

When you work with me, your destination or activity is promoted to a targeted group of potential customers interested in scuba diving and the underwater world.

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We offer many different types of advertising options here on Art of Scuba. Our rates, which are available on request and case by case, are competitive and flexible – contact us and we can work out a mutually beneficial arrangement. Media kit available upon request.

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Do you have a tour, resort, or product you’d like reviewed? Contact me to discuss opportunities for one or a series of featured posts. We are also taking on brand ambassadorships with great companies in the industry!

Press and Social Media Trips

If you are interested in creating a media campaign, with professionally produced videos and content to promote you location or service to our audience, let us know! We can create a custom campaign to meet any needs.


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